• Each project is different. That’s why when you contact me, we agree to an initial meeting to size the site and overview all the technical details. It is essential to follow the rules of art and use the right products: Schluter membranes, suitable adhesive for the mounting support as well as for supplies installation, edging profiles, etc. Considering all these factors and your choice of tiles to be installed, I will be able to evaluate and deliver you a submission price.

    Carole au travailCarole au travail

    I would be pleased to have the pleasure of meeting you. In the meantime, you can discover some of my achievements.

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    • Thanks to Carole for her impeccable work.

    • Carole came to my house, and the advises she gave me were perfect and relatively inexpensive. For her work, she offered me a professional but reasonable price and not too many materials to buy. When I’ll have the means to change the tiles from the big bathroom, it is with no doubts Carole that I will call.

    • Very nice work, thorough and professional.

    • Thank you Carole, I am satisfied with the accomplished work. I would not hesitate one second to use your services again.

    • Thank you La Caroleuse! Thank you for your professional advises. Thanks for the finishing details, it makes all the difference! Thank you for your follow-up and customer service. It will be my pleasure to call you and recommend your work.

    • Gorgeous work. You’re a very nice girl. Long live La Caroleuse.


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