• Thanks to Carole for her impeccable work.

    • Carole came to my house, and the advises she gave me were perfect and relatively inexpensive. For her work, she offered me a professional but reasonable price and not too many materials to buy. When I’ll have the means to change the tiles from the big bathroom, it is with no doubts Carole that I will call.

    • Very nice work, thorough and professional.

    • Thank you Carole, I am satisfied with the accomplished work. I would not hesitate one second to use your services again.

    • Thank you La Caroleuse! Thank you for your professional advises. Thanks for the finishing details, it makes all the difference! Thank you for your follow-up and customer service. It will be my pleasure to call you and recommend your work.

    • Gorgeous work. You’re a very nice girl. Long live La Caroleuse.

    • I spent a number of weeks working with Carole. She is a thoughtful and meticulous artisan. A wonderful disposition and a joy to know this wonderful woman.

    • Carole is an artist tile-setter with exceptional talent and design flair.
      I would recommend here for any one of your renovation projects especially if you are looking for something that will set you apart, something original.
      You will be pleased with the results and the passion she puts into her work.

    • Carole takes professionalism to a whole new level. Not only is she an amazing tile setter, she is an artisan who excels at her craft. Always eager to learn new things and methods, she excels at everything she puts her mind to.

      She is an asset to all who are involved in the tile industry, and most importantly, she is an accomplished and professional tile setter who will make any homeowner or commercial client proud.

    • I know Carole from 10 years, she is a profesional person, she did very well all the projects. I like the way she give us solutions.

    • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carole and I am happy to recommend her. She is very professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled. I look forward to our next project together – Love her pink tools!

      Principal Interior Designer
      Igloo Design
    • Carole’s work is all the above and more ! She is meticulous, and I highly recommend her for your next ceramic, or any other type of tiling project!


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